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MORSL's in-house Spirituality and Wellness Library has many interesting books. Every so often, we share selected books so that you can decide whether you are interested in learning more about them. 

Mental Health and Gen Z

Mental Health and Gen Z: What Educators Need to Know by Springtide Research Institute
Our newest addition is Mental Health and Gen Z: What Educators Need to Know. This book draws on a research from over 4,000 survey and 80 interviews with young people 13 to 25 and discusses what young people need in order to thrive at school. The thesis is that schools need to offer connection and belonging, provide tools that align with expectations, and help students find purpose in order to support current mental health needs. The need for purpose is the most relevant to spiritual needs. As the authors explain, 


"Purpose at schools is about helping young people connect with something bigger than themselves. This can e a subject they're passionate about, a community they're involved with, a spiritual practice that grounds them, or more. Though fewer young people turn to religious institutions for conversations about meaning, they nonetheless need spaces that help them discover a sense of purpose. Our data show that schools - with professionals trained and passionate about exposing young people to new ideas and possibilities - are central places for this critical work. Students who agree that school is a place that helps them discoer their purpose say they are "flourishing a lot" in their mental health at higher rates than those who feel otherwise."


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