Experiential Learning

Most of us enjoy learning through some kind of hands-on activity. Experiential learning is learning by doing, in a mindful, intentional and reflective manner. When it comes to somewhat abstract topics like religion and spirituality, experiential learning offers a complementary approach to understanding the philosophical aspects. Whether you're looking to learn more about a faith tradition or try out a spiritual practice, MORSL's programming includes classes, field trips and workshops based on experiential learning practices. Registration for our events is open to students who pay the Student Services fee, and is offered at no charge. 


Meditation Techniques  series
Various dates

A series of free meditation classes offered through MORSL based on breathing, visualization and pranayama techniques. In this series of meditation classes, simple techniques in relaxation, concentration, meditation, breathing and mantras are utilized as concentration techniques. Guided meditations are a core component of these sessions. Accompanying handouts may be given to help reinforce your practice.

My Neighbour's Faith series
Various dates

4 or 5 times per year, McGill students are invited to join MORSL at a local reliigous or spiritual site, such as a synagogue, mosque, gurdwara, temple, cathedral, etc. Eligible for recognition on your co-curricular record as part of myInvolvement.

A girl with dark hair meditates on a mat, surrounded by plants.

Meditation Guide

By now, you must have heard about meditation and its benefits. But you might not know that many of the world’s religions have a meditative practice that has long been part of their tradition. If you are looking to add a spiritual component to a secular mindfulness practice-or just looking to explore options-you’ll enjoy our Meditation Guide. Click on the link below to discover MORSL’s carefully curated introduction to meditative practices sourced from various world religions.

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