Self-Directed Practice

Spiritual practice can look very different for different people- just another example of how we are all unique! MORSL provides space and resources for students to pursue, begin or experiment with self-directed activities such as prayer, meditation, mindful colouring, contemplative reading and journaling. Come to our drop-in centre to learn more about how you can get started or nurture your spiritual practice at your own pace!


Meditation and Prayer Space

A quiet room in our drop-in centre provides a non-denominational prayer and meditation space available during our opening hours. Its resources include:

  • View of meditation room showing floor cushions, lighting and plantsA guided-meditation CD collection and listening station (bring earphones)
  • A light therapy station (first-come, first-serve basis) - Read instructions on how to use these lamps.
  • Meditation cushions and ambient lighting to aid with focus and relaxation
  • Soft carpet for kneeling
  • Zazen-style meditation benches
  • Chair-height bench and space for wheelchair users
  • Inspirational quotes and reflections to guide meditation
  • A short guide to meditation in a variety of traditions
  • Colouring materials and "make your own mantra" supplies

All are welcome, whether you are experienced in the practice of prayer and meditation, or just looking to try it out! No appointment necessary, and no time limit on your practice. We also offer classes and group meditation programs, which you can check out on our weekly meditation page

Want to stay well on your own?

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