Meditation Techniques Series

Since January 2020, MORSL has been running a 4-week online class for students to learn meditation techniques. The Meditation Series is great for both beginners and experienced meditators. Each session focuses on mindfulness, insight, and loving-kindness practices, and a time for discussion and questions. 

Classes are free, but registration is required via myInvolvement. This program is eligible for recognition on your student co-curricular record.

Our meditation techniques series is currently on hiatus, but you can scroll down or visit MORSL's YouTube Channel to view recordings of past sessions.


Student Reviews

"I wanted to learn how to meditate and I got to experience and apply it in real life scenearios - it was rather thoughtful!"

"I didn't think that it would be so good. The workshop is truly amazing!"

"I expected a more serious tone, but ended up loving the approach and realized it was much more open to a variety of experiences."


Past Meditation Techniques Recordings

October 2020: Video sessions with Devaki Groulx

May 2020: Video sessions with Devaki Groulx



December 2020: Audio session with Rev. Deacon Johnathan Stewart

Meditation sessions to help cope with the stress of of exam period. Rev. Deacon Jonathan Stewart offered meditation sessions for students in December 2020.

Listen to a recording of one of these sessions here.


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