Want to meet with a staff member one-on-one or use our meditation room?

MORSL Appointment Request Form

You can now request an appointment to speak with a staff member or to use the prayer and meditation space. We are currently accepting appointments from Monday - Friday, 10 AM - 4 PM. 

If you are making an in-person appointment, make sure you read and be prepared to follow all the University's mandated COVID-19 health guidelines before your arrival. Of course, you will need to be wearing a mask at all times (available at the entrance of the building), and to wash/sanitize your hands. You will need proof of vaccination and student ID.

Special Notice for January 2022:

Our building is currently on card-only access -- this means that you will have to email or phone us when you arrive so we can come open the door for you.

  • Email: morsl [at] mcgill.ca
  • Office reception desk phone: 514-398-4104

Some additional info on our services given the current situation:

  • We are limiting access to the meditation room to one student at a time.
  • Please remember to bring proof of vaccination and ID – if you have your McGill ID with the library sticker, that is perfect.
  • Masks required at all times inside the building. You will find procedural masks in the lobby, if you don’t already have your own.
  • Remember to do the COVID self-evaluation online in the morning before coming to campus.
  • If for any reason you need to cancel the appointment, please email us at morsl [at] mcgill.ca so we can plan accordingly.

NOTE: Make sure you request your appointment 24 hours in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements to welcome you.
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