Online Workshops On-Demand

Individual Classes and Series

Crafting a Personal Sacred Space

You might wonder how to maintain your spiritual or religious practices at home or in a new apartment. During this online guided workshop, led by MORSL's director Carlene Gardner, you will find time to reflect upon your environment - whether it be made up of large spaces or small crevices - and learn how you may utilize or devote these areas to sacredness.

Workshop time: 17 minutes.

Printable worksheet (PDF).

Online version of Spiritual Side of Yoga "Yoga off-the-mat"

These 8 sessions introduce students to some elements of yogic philosophy followed by a series of gentle movements, concluding with calming meditation. Suitable for all bodies.

Session times: Approx. 45-50minutes each

Meditation Techniques

A 4-part course to build up a toolbox of techniques. Suitable for beginners and experience meditators alike. 

Session times: Approx. 40 minutes each

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