Classes and Techniques

Throughout the year, MORSL offers students the chance to learn about various practices and techniques that can help build a sense of inner well-being. We make every effort to provide programming that is diverse and open to everyone, regardless of prior experience, religious identity or background. Registration for all our classes is open to students who pay the Student Services fee, and are offered at no charge. Bring an open heart and a curious mind!



External Resources

Academic Workshops from Student Wellness Hub

Skills workshops will give you the tools you may need to develop the skills to manage recent or ongoing mental health challenges like anxiety and procrastination. 


Wellness and Life Skills Workshops from Student Wellness Hub

These group counselling workshops will give you tools to improve a variety of life skills and help you improve your well-being as a student, or simply as a person. All workshops are offered by McGill's mental health professionals.

A girl with dark hair meditates on a mat, surrounded by plants.

Meditation Guide

By now, you must have heard about meditation and its benefits. But you might not know that many of the world’s religions have a meditative practice that has long been part of their tradition. If you are looking to add a spiritual component to a secular mindfulness practice-or just looking to explore options-you’ll enjoy our Meditation Guide. Click Learn more to discover MORSL’s carefully curated introduction to meditative practices sourced from various world religions.

Want to stay well on your own?

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