Interfaith Connections

Part of our mission is to foster interfaith dialogue on campus. Dialogue can sound like hard work, and paired with interfaith, it can seem intimidating! Don't be put off - all we are doing is engaging in conversation to deepen knowledge of the self and others, and discovering what it means to live in right relation with each other in this world. 

For us, "interfaith dialogue" includes everyone: whether you're religious or not, our values come from the heart, and we all have one of those! If you've been looking for a space for some heartfelt conversations, come to any of our workshops or educational field trips. Prefer a literary and artistic space? Join the conversation by contributing to our multi-faith magazine "Radix". Students of all (or no) faith backgrounds are welcome.

Our Current Programming

Starting on Monday, September 23, we are starting a weekly breakfast check-in activity, Morning Morsel with MORSL, to help you start your Mondays with positivity. Visit our drop-in centre for a breakfast-styled check-in with food, tea, coffee, and themed conversation in our accepting interfaith community! Come hang out in our sunny lounge, chat with other students, and explore what MORSL has to offer.