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Carlene Gardner

MORSL Director

Carlene Gardner, Director.
Meet Carlene, our Director. Carlene is a life-long Unitarian-Universalist with more than 15 years’ experience in youth and young adult programming. She holds a B.A. in French Canada Studies and a Master’s in Teaching and Learning from McGill University. She develops educational and experiential programs, fosters partnerships with religious and spiritual groups on and off campus and advocates for cultures of inclusion for students of all religious, spiritual and secular identities. She is currently furthering her research into young adult spirituality as a PhD student in contemporary religious studies at Université de Sherbrooke. Off campus, Carlene is a member of the Christian-Jewish Dialogue of Montreal, and co-chair of the Canadian Association of College and University Student Services (CACUSS) Spirituality and Religious Pluralism community of practice.


Phone Carlene514-398-1932

Email Carlenecarlene.gardner [at] (Email Carlene)


Candice Wendt

Administrative Coordinator

Candice Wendt, Administrative Director

Meet Candice, MORSL’s Administrative Coordinator. You will find her welcoming visitors into MORSL's space at the front desk. She works on communications, event coordination, and other organizational tasks at MORSL. She is a life-long feminist Latter-day Saint and serves as a volunteer interfaith and communications worker outside our team. She holds a master's in comparative humanities studies from Brigham Young University. Candice writes about religion and spirituality outside work. Her interests include personal spiritual development, feminist retellings of religious history, and the crossroads of religion, mental health, and ethics. 


Phone Candice514-398-4104

Email Mathewcandice.wendt [at] (Email Candice)


Mathew K. Birgen

Outreach Assistant

Mathew K. Birgen, Programming Associate
Mathew (Ph.D. Religious Studies) teaches Swahili at McGill and is finishing a dissertation in biblical studies and migration. He helps MORSL with tabling and My Neighbour's Faith outings.


Phone Mathew514-398-4104

Email Mathewmorsl [at] (Email Mathew)


Sarah Gaudio

Peer Faith Volunteer Program Coordinator

Sarah Gaudio

Sarah is a queer U3 Gender Studies student at McGill. She looks forward to assisting MORSL with religious/spiritual diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Phone Sana514-398-4104

Email Sanamorsl [at] (Email Sarah)





Andrew Ankersen

Outreach Assistant

Andrew Ankersen

Andrew Ankersen is a second year MA student focusing on textual production and Apocalypticism in Second Temple period Judaism. In his spare time, he is a passionate tabletop RPG player and game master and has recently started doing triathlons.

Phone Sophia514-398-4104

Email Jasroopmorsl [at] (Email Andrew)



Fawaz Abdul Salam

Interfaith Dialogue Program Facilitator 

Fawaz Abdul Salam, Interfaith Humanitarian Project Coordinator

Fawaz (Ph.D Religious Studies) is MORSL's Interfaith Dialogue Program Facilitator. Fawaz is a sixth-year Ph.D. candidate at the School of Religious Studies. His research interest is broadly on the relationship between religion and urbanism in the Middle East and South Asia from a historical and comparative perspective. During his free time, Fawaz loves reading fiction and exploring the architecture and religious heritage of Montreal.

Phone Fawaz514-398-4104

Email Fawazmorsl [at] (Email Fawaz)



Sherry Tie

Communications and Web Assistant

Sherry is an U2 student at McGill’s Faculty of Education studying Secondary English and concentrating in Ethics and Religious Culture as a second teachable subject. Among the things that sustain her, she currently feels most enlivened by literature, youth empowerment, and relationships founded in care. In her free time, she enjoys taking walks and listening to podcasts

Phone Ryan514-398-4104

Email Kynamorsl [at] (Email Sherry)



Milda Graham

Yoga and Meditation Facilitator

Milda Graham
Milda is MORSL's Yoga and Meditation Workshop Facilitator. She was motivated by the performance and teaching of these practices to return to university. She is pursuing an MA in Religious Studies here at McGill, with a focus on yoga, Hinduism and Sanskrit.

Phone Ryan514-398-4104

Email Kynamorsl [at] (Email Milda)


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