Winter Coat Project

About the Winter Coat project

Status: Currently on Hold at WUSC (last updated Jan. 2024)

The Winter Coat Project, run by MORSL for 25 years, moved to a different organization transferred to a student group, McGill’s WUSC, in Jan. 2019. The World University Service of Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization with several smaller committees across the country, including one here at McGill. Its main project is a student-led refugee program, through which WUSC sponsors refugee students attending McGill.

MORSL helped WUSC McGill take over the project by donating our racks, bins and other supplies, as well as sharing our list of donors and promotional strategies. McGill not only thanks to the local team, but also through their well-supported network across Canada.

During periods when the Winter Coat Project is not up and running, please note that students have other supports that can help make it easier to get outfitted for winter. MORSL has compiled a list of several places throughout the Greater Montreal area that sell affordable coats. Download the list for future reference! And as always, students in financial need can apply for assistance through the Scholarships and Student Aid Office. The SSAO is a great resource to learn more about budgeting and what to do for unexpected expenses, like when you discover your warmest coat is no match for a Canadian winter!

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