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About the Winter Coat project

As of January 2019, the Winter Coat Project has a new home! After over 25 years of MORSL running the initiative, it is time to hand on the project to a student group, namely McGill’s WUSC. The World University Service of Canada is a Canadian non-profit organization with several smaller committees across the country, including one here at McGill. Its main project is a student-led refugee program, through which WUSC sponsors refugee students attending McGill.

Leading up to this point, MORSL has been helping WUSC McGill take over the project by donating our racks, bins and other supplies, as well as sharing our list of donors and promotional strategies. We know the project is in good hands with WUSC McGill not only thanks to the local team, but also through their well-supported network across Canada.

Co-chairs of WUSC McGill, Mohamed and Naomi, are very excited to be taking on the Winter Coat Project. Recycling winter coats and supporting students who are not used to Canada’s cold winters fits perfectly with WUSC’s main goals and objectives: to promote youth empowerment through sustainability and support fellow McGill students, especially those who have come from far away.

Naomi and Mohamed also have plans to revamp the program in order to serve even more students. Under WUSC, the Winter Coat Project will be an ongoing service throughout the year. Students will be able to contact them once the project is up and running with their name and size and as soon as a coat is available, WUSC will contact the student. Once the program is ready to go there will be a Facebook page published with information that is more detailed on how to access the coats.

While WUSC is getting the project up and running, please note that students have other supports that can help make it easier to get outfitted for winter. MORSL has compiled a list of several places throughout the Greater Montreal area that sell affordable coats. Download the list for future reference! And as always, students in financial need can apply for assistance through the Scholarships and Student Aid Office. The SSAO is a great resource to learn more about budgeting and what to do for unexpected expenses, like when you discover your warmest coat is no match for a Canadian winter!

WUSC student leaders

WUSC McGill Student Leaders, January 2019


MORSL is very happy to pass on the project to such able hands, and we look forward to seeing it grow under Naomi, Mohamed, and the rest of the WUSC McGill team!

Finally, we couldn't hand off this project without expressing our deepest gratitude to our generous community donors, and to our partners the Newman Catholic Centre and the Presbyterian College, who have helped make this project possible for so many years. We hope the project continues for many more years come!

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