MORSL offers ongoing and ad-hoc employment opportunities for McGill students throughout the year. 

To apply:

If you currently have a student job at McGill, apply via the Internal Candidates Application link for each position.
If you do not yet hold a student job at McGill, use the External Candidates Application link for each position.

Updated Requirements for McGill Student Employees:

  • Student hires must be one of the following:
    1. an undergraduate student taking a minimum of 18 degree credits during the academic year
    2. a full or half-time graduate student as defined by the faculty of graduate studies
    3. a graduating student with an active application (i.e. not refused) for admission to another degree program at McGill
  • International students must have a valid study permit allowing them to work and fit one of the categories above.
  • International students must be registered for a full-time study load (a minimum of 12 credits per term or full-time doctoral studies). International student registered for part-time studies are not eligible to work unless it's their final term of study and they have otherwise maintained full-time status for the duration of their program of study.
  • When working during scheduled breaks (e.g. December break), students must be registered full-time before and after scheduled breaks.
  • Student hires must have a Canadian Social Insurance Number (SSN)

Current Openings

Stay tuned as Fall 2024 approaches for possible job openings.


General Learning outcomes/skills for student jobs at MORSL:

  • Working and communicating cooperatively and effectively in a pluralistic and multicultural environment
  • Greater understanding of diverse religious and cultural worldviews and lifestyles

Anticipated Start date: TBA


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