General Questions

What is MORSL?

The McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL) is your religious and spiritual hub on campus. We encourage students to carve out time during their busy university careers for spiritual exploration, religious community, and inner wellness. We are dedicated to raising religious literacy around both traditional world religions and newer religious movements.

We offer:

  • Community connections and support through our multi-faith team of faith volunteers who help connect students with their existing faith communities both on and off campus.
  • Support to students of any religious identity or no particular religious identity who wish to find meaning beyond academics and to form healthy life habits that invite spiritual well-being, inner peace, and that equip them to live harmoniously in a pluralistic society.
  • Resources, referrals and unique events that cater to a student's holistic wellness, such as meditation classes, yoga sessions, and community circles.

What are MORSL's office hours?

During fall and winter semesters, we are open Monday - Friday, 10 am - 4 pm. During summer 2022, we are holding the same hours, except that we are closed on Fridays. Check our opening hours page for any updates or special closures.

Is there a fee for any MORSL workshops or services?

All of our resources and activities - including our workshops, events, publications, and meditation space (when we are permitted to reopen) - are free of charge and open to all McGill students who pay Student Services fees.

I am not religious – can I still volunteer with MORSL?

Yes! We are always looking for volunteers for our social services, regardless of their views on spirituality. To get involved, check out our volunteer opportunities page.

We also publish radix, a student-centred magazine that offers literary and artistic space for exploring ethics and spiritual themes. Get involved as a contributor or apply to join the Advisory Board.

Religion and Spirituality

Do I have to be religious or spiritual in order to use MORSL's services or participate in workshops and events?

Absolutely not! We welcome students of all backgrounds - whether they are religious, spiritual, or neither. University is a time of intense personal growth and MORSL is a great place to find resources - and a diverse, supportive community - to help you as you ponder life's big questions alongside the everyday sacred. Join us for classes on yoga or meditation techniques, for movie nights or fun trivia quizzes!

What faith and spirituality clubs or groups are active on campus?

McGill's student faith and spirituality community is very active and very diverse! You can find a listing of clubs (formal and informal) as well as resources for groups in Montreal (and beyond!) on our connect page.

There is no clergy at McGill that conducts services related to my religious practice. Does MORSL have information on off-campus religious centres and events?

Yes, we have contacts with different faith traditions. We would be glad to assist you, or alternatively you can browse or listing of local places of worship (document or interactive map). In addition, we list current religious programming happening both on and off campus from a variety of faith communities on our Spiritual Community/Worship page.

Accommodation and Rights

I feel that I have been the victim of religious discrimination at McGill. Can MORSL help me?

McGill has a policy on dealing with harassment and discrimination. A detailed website explains this policy and outlines the steps for filing a complaint, whether the discrimination is happening between students, staff, faculty or any combination thereof. Regardless of whether or not you decide to file a complaint, there are support services at McGill equipped to help you, including MORSL staff, as well as several groups/organizations on and off campus (see Support Resources) that can offer emotional and/or procedural support.

One of my classes or exams is scheduled on a religious holiday. What is McGill’s policy regarding the accommodation of holy days?

McGill has a policy of accommodating students to alleviate the impact of conflict between Holy Days and exams. If after raising the matter with your course instructor the issue remains unresolved, you should contact MORSL. We would be happy to assist you in finding a solution.

Meeting a Faith Representative (clergy, religious leader, peer faith volunteer

What can a MORSL faith volunteer do for me?

MORSL's team of faith volunteers provide spiritual and religious guidance. In addition, if asked, they may also act as counselors on personal issues that students are trying to get a grip on. All our volunteers are bound by an oath to maintain the confidentiality of all conversations with students.

How can I make an appointment to speak with a MORSL faith volunteer?

Consult our team roster and e-mail the faith volunteer directly or contact MORSL, at either morsl [at] mcgill.ca or 514-398–4104.

Does MORSL offer a drop-in service?

When COVID restrictions are lifted, you are welcome to drop by our centre during our opening hours. Here, you can use our prayer and meditation space, browse our in-house library, relax in our lounge, and meet with our director as needed. In general, our team of faith volunteers meets with students outside of the MORSL offices.

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