Entrance to MORSL at 3610 McTavishThe accessible entrance to the McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life (MORSL) is through the 3610 McTavish Street entrance on the west side of McTavish Street to the north of Docteur-Penfield Street (further up the hill).

 Thumbnail google map of MORSL address

The entrance is set back from the street, and you will see a sign with the McGill crest and the building address.

♿A ramp leads to a set of double doors that can be opened with a push button. A second ramp brings you to another set of assisted doors that lead to the lobby. In the lobby, a small elevator is located to the left. Note that the elevator's security door opens manually into the lobby, which may pose a significant barrier for some of our visitors. If you would like us to assist with the elevator, please call us at 514-398-4104 and one of our staff will gladly greet you in the lobby!

Should you wish to use the stairs, please note that our office is located on the third floor. Once you are in the lobby, you will find the stairs on the right. Walk up to the third floor, and follow the hallway to the right until you reach the end. Turn left to enter the MORSL suite. Our main reception space is room 36-2, which is the first door on your right.

For washrooms, please note that there is an accessible washroom on the ground floor, located down a short hallway to the left in the lobby. On the third floor where MORSL is located, there is a single-user washroom that is not designated as wheelchair accessible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any additional information about our space whether or not your request is about physical access. We'll be happy to answer your questions! 

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