Native Trees

Find diversity at the Morgan Arboretum. Photo: Rob Walker


Nesting Indigo Buntings are a common sight in summer. Photo: Michel Bourque


On the sliding hill. Photo: Paul Scheiwiller  


A peaceful walk on the snow cover. Photo: Frans Lecluse 13 km of snowshoe trails to explore some parts of the forests that are inaccessible during the warm season  

Cross-Country Skiing

Skiing through the winter wonderland. Photo: Michel Bourque


Enjoying a stroll on Centre Road (Orange trail). Photo: Anne Godbout A favorite activity at the Arboretum is walking the trails trough a diverse landscape of forests, fields and plantations.

Annual subscription

The Tree Swallow migrates here to nest -Photo: André Roulea  

Day Visit

Enjoy the views and wander through our peaceful forest Photo: Chick Taylor  


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