Literature Review

The focus of this literature review is to highlight the academic and gray literature produced on the topic of mentoring, with a special consideration of mentoring for Indigenous youth, and especially mentoring in relation to adolescent girls and young women. The review is divided into four main parts

Part One

Why Mentoring, highlights many benefits of mentoring that have been uncovered in the literature.

Part Two

The Nuts and Bolts of the Mentoring Literature: Types, Where, Who, How breaks down the many different types of mentoring, mentoring settings and important components of creating mentoring programs from the literature.

Part Three

Considerations from Mentoring Marginalized and Indigenous youth engages with the more recent body of literature on mentoring programs created for marginalized youth with a special focus on mentoring programs specifically for Indigenous youth. Finally,

Part Four

Intergenerational Mentoring and Indigenous Girls, highlighting the importance of intergenerational mentoring for Indigenous girls, Auntyship and Aunty mentoring models, peer-to-peer mentoring between Indigenous girls and young women and the lessons learned from the different ways mentoring has been engaged with by Indigenous girls in Canada and South African from the More than Words and Networks for Change projects.




Finally, the review briefly considers the limited critical engagement that exists in literature on mentoring and some future considerations for general research on the topic of mentoring and specifically considerations the More Than Words Project.

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