Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC)

The Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre is the working website for a project funded by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, entitled “Ensuring Equity by Respecting Difference: Development and Evaluation of Resources for Multicultural Mental Health.”

The Multicultural Mental Health Resource Centre (MMHRC) aims to improve the quality and availability of appropriate mental health services for people from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds, including immigrants, refugees, and members of established ethnocultural communities.

This website will present resources designed for patients, families, community organizations, professionals and health planners.

For patients: multilingual and culturally-adapted information on mental health problems and treatments as well as information about appropriate mental health services.

For families: information about resources and ways to help family members cope and maintain their well-being.

For community organizations: materials to use in community education concerning advocacy and stigma reduction, and support programs for people living with mental health problems.

For professionals: information on cultural-assessment tools and methods, access to interpreters and culture brokers, and recommendations for culturally-adapted treatment interventions.

For planners and administrators: information on health disparities, recommendations to improve organizational cultural competence, and models of mental health services and interventions to address diversity.

Ultimately, addressing issues of language, culture, religion and other aspects of cultural diversity will promote greater equity in mental health care.

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