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The McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law (MJSDL) is currently accepting submissions for Volume 18

The MJSDL is a bilingual, student-run, peer-reviewed academic journal based at McGill University's Faculty of Law in Montreal, Canada. As an interdisciplinary publication, we encourage submissions from researchers, academics, practitioners, policy-makers, and students in a range of fields. We aim to provide a forum for debate and critical analysis about the economic, societal, and environmental issues surrounding sustainable development law and policy.

We accept articles pertinent to any area of sustainable development law and policy on a rolling basis. The theme for Volume 18 is Bridging the Gaps: Innovation and Inclusivity in the Face of Growing Inequality. We invite authors to reflect on how their research interests might align with the following focus topics or create an analogous one of their own making:

The link between UN Sustainable Development Goals and human rights: Are human rights principles and standards adequately reflected in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development? What is the intersection between the right to development and other rights (such as economic, social, cultural, civil, and political rights)? How has COVID affected the existence of said rights?

Sustainability and minority rights: How is environmental discrimination perpetuated, and how can this phenomenon be redressed through legal instruments or through a human rights framework? What is the link between gender equality and sustainable development? How can the North-South divide be bridged through a sustainable development framework? How does the pandemic affect these rights?

The intersection between indigenous rights and environmental sustainability: How are indigenous peoples mitigating climate change in their communities? What are some legal mechanisms that could be used to advance indigenous rights and promote sustainability? Does a sustainable development framework provide the space for traditional Indigenous knowledge? How have emergency planning measures affected Indigenous communities?

Sustainability and intergenerational equity: How can the principle of intergenerational equity be measured? How can it be achieved through constitutional provisions, legal mechanisms and/or through a rights-based approach? What are the advantages and/or limits of climate change litigation from this point of view? How does an increased involvement of youth in climate change litigation affect our understanding of intergenerational equity?

The role of multinational corporations and the advent of corporate social responsibility: What is the role of multinational corporations in sustainable development policy? How can mechanisms such as the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the UN Global Compact empower corporations to advance the SDGs? What role do these corporations play in the face of a pandemic?

The limitations of rights-based approaches and critiques of sustainability: What are the underlying assumptions or potential pitfalls of rights-based approaches? What are some critiques of sustainability or the sustainable development framework?

Our deadline for Volume 18 is January 1, 2022, but the volume may be filled earlier. Submissions must be exclusive. Please send your submissions to Emma Sitland, Editor-in-Chief at [at]

To view articles that the MJSDL has accepted for publication, please consult our archives, where past issues of the journal are available to view online for free.


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