Bienvenue au Canada? Bienvenue au Québec? Un symposium sur les politiques d'immigration contemporaines


Faculty Club 3450 rue McTavish, Montreal, QC, H3A 0E5, CA

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Immigration is high on the agenda of Canadian politics. Canada relies extensively on immigration to address key demographic and economic challenges in an era of accelerated population aging. At the same time, issues surrounding immigration are becoming more salient while political parties take more explicit stances on the matter. The objective of this symposium is to take stock of current and emerging issues in both federal and provincial immigration policy and politics.

The symposium will be given in English, and questions in both French and English are welcome.

The event begins with a keynote by Mireille Paquet (Concordia) on federalism and immigration policy in Canada, followed by a roundtable with Jill Hanley (McGill), Graham Hudson (Ryerson) and Peter Loewen (UoT) on the changing landscape of federal immigration policy and of the associated political dynamics.

A second roundtable with Antoine Bilodeau (Concordia), Karine Côté-Boucher (UdM), and Catherine Xhardez (Concordia) will focus on provincial immigration policy, with a particular focus on the situation in Quebec, where the Legault government is contemplating policy changes that raise key intergovernmental issues.

Charles Breton (IRPP) and Daniel Béland (MISC) will moderate.

This event is co-organized by MISC and by the Équipe de recherche sur l’immigration dans le Québec actuel (

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