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Since 1995, the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) has hosted large-scale annual conferences on topics that matter to Canadians and are relevant to current public policy concerns. Designed to bridge academic research and public opinion, the conferences raise provocative questions and encourage open and nonpartisan dialogue, attracting a wide range of participants along with significant press coverage. See the left pane for more information on previous conferences, including programs, videos, photos, and other media.

In addition to the annual conference, MISC also hosts and sponsors numerous lectures, book launches, panel discussions, and other events. These events serve to fulfill the Institute's ongoing mission to enhance informed discussion of public policy, and to promote a better understanding of our nation through wide-ranging perspectives. The vast majority of our events are not just free and open to the university community, but are for all members of the public to attend. Information about past events can be found on the left under the year in which the event took place. Upcoming events are listed below. 

Upcoming Events

February 6, 2019| Writing our Way to Freedom: The Commemoration of the Congress of Black Writers

CBW EN In 1968, in the midst of the Quiet Revolution when radical ideas were being debated in classrooms, cafés, and factories across the city, Black Caribbean university students at McGill and Sir George Williams along with members of Montreal’s Black community organized the Congress of Black Writers. For four days, those attending the McGill event grappled with the ongoing consequences of colonialism and the afterlife of slavery for people of African descent. Over 50 years later, we will gather again at McGill to commemorate this historic event and explore the multitude of ways that Black people continue to fight for justice using their voice and their words as they write their way to freedom. Join us on Wednesday February 6th for an evening honouring the past, present, and future of Black resilience, resistance and power.













February 22, 2019| The Challenges of Coexistence: Debating Language Policy in Canada

Join MISC on February 22nd for a half-day event in collaboration with the McGill Faculty of Law, where we will be exploring and discussing language policy in Canada, with a particular focus on language minorities. The symposium will feature two panels of experts on the subject, and will take place between 1pm and 5pm at the McGill Faculty Club. 

March 21-22, 2019| 24th MISC Annual Conference: Federalism and Canada's Shifting Political Landscape

Join us on March 21st and 22nd for our 24th Annual Conference, which will feature 9 different panels that will be disucssing several different issues facing today's Canadians, and how they relate to federalism and our shifting political landscape. Hosted in collaboration with the Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP), the objective of this year’s conference is to improve our understanding of how recent and forthcoming provincial elections and other ongoing political trends are likely to impact federalism, intergovernmental relations and public policy in Canada. More specifically, the conference addresses the following questions: First, how are recent and forthcoming elections in provinces like Alberta, BC, Ontario, and Quebec and related political trends likely to impact debates over crucial policy issues ranging from trade, energy policy, and environmental protection to immigration, and Indigenous affairs? Second, how will public opinion and the media shape these debates and, more broadly, the future of Canadian federalism? Third, what is the potential impact of these intergovernmental debates on the next federal elections and public policy in Canada?


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