Two Wolves

A Cherokee legend highlights how we can cultivate equanimity in our lives through compassionate attention.

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Mindfulness 101

Are you new to mindfulness and interested in learning more about it? Click here for an overview mindfulness and some of the different ways it can be practiced.

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10 minutes for change

When was the last time you settled into the present? Andy Puddicombe explains how setting aside 10 minutes for mindfulness can make a difference in your life. Watch the video


Researchers at McGill are studying the benefits of mindfulness as well how these changes occur.

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Home Page

Welcome to Mindfulness@McGill,

Although mindfulness has existed for centuries, the last decade has seen a surge in interest about mindfulness across various domains, ranging from spirituality to neuroscience. This page is intended to serve as a central hub for all things related to mindfulness on campus (activities, research, and other resources) for those interested in learning about mindfulness and for those wishing to deepen their practice.

Explore the links on the toolbar if your interested in learning more about mindfulness or in finding Mindfulness resources on campus or online.