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Organizational Strategies: From Sentences to Paragraphs

In this workshop on scientific writing, we’ll focus on the two fundamental units of all forms of written communication: paragraphs, and the types of sentences that generate them.

Writing effective paragraphs is among the most common challenges faced by student—and professional—writers. By attending this workshop, you’ll learn what distinguishes a paragraph from a mere sequence of sentences, how different sentence types and combinations can be used to develop ideas, and what kinds of words and phrases promote unity and coherence both within and between paragraphs.

Mastering paragraph construction can transform your approach to writing, improve your ability to organize and clearly express your ideas, and enrich your understanding of how to use grammatical forms to make your writing lively, engaging, and persuasive. Our goal is to leave you with new knowledge, strategies, and insights that can be applied to the assignments you’ll be required to write over the course of your studies in microbiology, immunology, and other fields of science.

To take full advantage of this workshop, submit sample paragraphs of your own construction through the web registration form and bring them with you to the workshop.

To register for this workshop, please click here to sign in with your McGill Username and Password.

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