In Memoriam: Dr. Mark Wainberg

Dr. Mark WainbergDr. Mark Wainberg, 1945 - 2017

Molecular Biology/ Virology

Senior Investigator, Lady Davis Institute
Director of the McGill University AIDS Centre

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Research Interests


HIV reverse transcriptase; molecular basis for drug resistance; gene therapy

Research Orientation

Our lab focuses on the integrase (IN) and reverse transcriptase (RT) enzymes of HIV-1 in regard to each of basic mechanisms of action, inhibition by anti-viral drugs, and drug resistance.

Our lab has also studied a variety of drugs that antagonize both HIV integrase and RT activity and viral replication. Three series of compounds have been extensively analyzed in our laboratory, i.e. nucleoside inhibitors of RT, such as AZT and 3TC; a series of non-nucleoside RT inhibitors (NNRTI); and integrase strand transfer inhibitors (INSTIs). The former act as chain terminators of nascent DNA while the NNRTIs function as non-competitive inhibitors of enzyme activity. Resistance can be selected against each types of compound in tissue culture and in the clinic.  Mutations in the IN and RT genes can be shown by site-directed mutagenesis to possess biological relevance. Recombinant IN and RT molecules that contain relevant amino acid substitutions have been shown to be resistant to these drugs in enzyme assays. Our lab is currently studying how to prevent drug resistance-conferring mutations from arising.


  • Director of the McGill University AIDS Centre
  • Head of the HIV/AIDS research axis, Lady Davis Institute

Book Chapters

  • Sluis-Cremer N, Wainberg MA and Schinazi RF. Resistance to reverse transcriptase inhibitors used in the treatment and prevention of HIV-1 infection.  Future Microbiology 2015. 10(11), 1773-1782
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Selected Publications

  • Brenner B, Thomas R Blanco J, Ibanescu R-I, Oliveira M, Mesplede T,  Golubkov O,  Roger M, Garcia F, Martinez E. Wainberg MA. Development of a G118R Mutation in HIV-1 Integrase following a  Switch to Dolutegravir Monotherapy  Leading  to Cross-Resistance to Integrase Inhibitors. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2016. Doi:10.1093/jac/dkw071
  • Anstett K, Cutillas V, Fusco R, Mesplede T, and Wainberg MA. The polymorphic substitution E157Q in HIV-1 integrase increases R263K-mediated dolutegravir resistance and decreases DNA binding activity. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2016. doi:10.1093/jac/dkw109
  • Wang Z, Pan Q, Gendron P, Zhu W, Guo F, Cen S, Wainberg MA, Liang C. CRISPR/Cas9-derived mutations both inhibit HIV-1 replication and accelarated viral escape. Cell Reports 15, 1-9, 2016. Http://
  • Pham HT, Mesplede T, Wainberg MA. Effect on HIV-1 viral replication capacity of DTG-resistance mutations in NRTI/NNRTI resistant viruses. Retrovirology 2016. 13:31. Doi 10.1186/s12977-016-0265-x
  • Liang C, Wainberg MA, Das AT and Berkhout B. CRISPR/Cas9: a double-edged sword when used to combat HIV infection.  Retrovirology 2016. 13:37. DOI 10.1186/s12977-016-0270-0.
  • Oliveira M, Ibanescu RI, Thi Pham H, Brenner B, Mesplède T, and Wainberg MA. The M184I/V and K65R nucleoside resistance mutations in HIV-1 prevent the emergence of resistance mutations against dolutegravir. AIDS 2016. DOI: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000001191
  • Depatureaux A, Quashie PK, Mesplede T, Han Y, Koubi H, Plantier JF, Oliveira M, Moisi D, Brenner B, Wainberg MA.  HIV-1 Group O Integrase Displays Lower Enzymatic Efficiency and Higher Susceptibility to Raltegravir than HIV-1 Group M Subtype B Integrase.  Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 2014, 58(12): 7141-7151.
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