Research Assistants and Associates

Research Associates

Name Phone Room Email
Dr. Ghislaine Fontes (514) 398-7528 King's Lab ghislaine.fontes [at] (Email)
Dr. Wen Wei Zhang (514) 398-6071 Matlashewski's Lab wenwei.zhang [at] (Email)
Dr. David Gagnon (514) 398-4906 Archambault's Lab david.gagnon3 [at] (Email)
Dr. Zhigang Li (514) 398-8969 Madrenas' Lab [at] (Email)

Research Assistants

Name Phone Room Email
Caroline Monat (514) 398-8882 Cousineau's Lab caroline.monat [at] (Email)

Contact Person in Research Laboratories

Name Phone Room Email
Mifong Tam (514) 398-4400 ex.94769 Stevenson Lab mifong.tam [at] (Email)
Caroline Monat (514) 398-8882 Cousineau Lab caroline.monat [at] (Email)
Lei Zhu (514)398-3066 Gruenheid Lab lei.zhu [at] (Email)
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