2017-2018 Infection & Immunity Seminar Series

Infection and Immunity Seminar Series are offered as the Current Topics in Microbiology course.The Department invites guest speakers to talk about their current research.  The seminars are a compulsory part of our graduate program but are open to all interested participants. 

For more information about guest speaker seminar series, office.microimm [at] mcgill.ca (please contact us).

Seminar Time: Thursdays, 11:30am-12:30pm (unless otherwise indicated)

​Location: Duff Amphitheater, 3775 University Street, Montreal, Quebec H3A 2B4

Additional dates may be added throughout the academic year.







September 21

Dr. Andreas Baumler

Professor & Vice Chair of Research, University of California, Davis School of Medicine

The pyromaniac inside you: Salmonella metabolism in the host gut

Drs. Samantha Gruenheid, Hervé Le Moual
October 5 Dr. Christopher Rudd Professor, Université de Montréal

New signaling pathways in T-cell biology

Dr. Jörg Fritz

October 19 Dr. Kristi Baker 

Assistant Professor, Experimental Oncology, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta, Cross Cancer Institute

Control of anti-tumor immunity by DNA repair defects in colorectal cancer  Dr. Martin Richer
October 26 Career Day

Career Day

Career Day

Career Day

Career Day

November 2 Dr. Carolyn Baglole

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, McGill University

Homeostatic maintenance of respiratory health by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR)

Dr. Jörg Fritz

November 16

Dr. Daniel Kaplan

University of Pittsburgh

DC & Non-Hematopoietic Cells Coordinate Skin Immunity 

Dr. Irah King

November 30

Dr. Ross Kedl

Professor, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

T Cell vaccinology:  what infections haven’t been telling us.

Dr. Martin Richer

December 7 Dr. Kristin Hogquist

Professor and Associate Director, University of Minnesota, Center for Immunology

Thymic Selection of Soldiers and Peacekeepers

Dr. Martin Richer

December 21 Dr. Laura-Isobel McCall

Professor, University of Oklahoma 

Targeting Chagas disease pathogenesis

Dr. Greg Matlashewski
January 11

Dr. Elena Verdu

Associate Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine,

McMaster University

Role of intestinal microbiota in host responses to gluten.

Drs. Samantha Gruenheid, Jörg Fritz

January 25

Dr. Tom Hobman

Professor, Department of Cell Biology, University of Alberta


RNA virus host interactions at the cellular level.

Dr. Selena Sagan
February 1 Dr. Thibault Mesplede  Assistant Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University  HIV drug resistance Dr. Irah King

February 8

Dr. Jean-Paul Latgé 


Professor, Head of the Unité des Aspergillus
Institut Pasteur

The cell wall exoskeleton in the pathogenic life of Aspergillus fumigatus

Dr. Donald Sheppard

February 15

Dr. Emanuele G. Biondi

LCB, CNRS- Aix Marseille University, CNRS  Research Director 

Choreography of methylation-dependent transcriptional control by GcrA in Caulobacter crescentus

Dr. Greg Marczynski

March 15 Dr. Samantha Gruenheid

Associate Professor, Microbiology & Immunology, McGill University 


A new link between infection, autoimmunity and Parkinson's disease

Dr. Irah King
March 22 

Dr. Rob Scarborough

Wares Family Postdoctoral Award Seminar

Development of RNA therapies for HIV infection

Dr. Anne Gatignol

March 22 

Dr. Yue Li

Wares Family Postdoctoral Award Seminar

Intestinal mononuclear phagocytes require integrin activation to maintain disease tolerance during helminth infection

Dr. Irah King
March 29

Dr. Marit Orav

Wares Family Postdoctoral Award Seminar

Study of the replication of the HPV genome

Dr. Jacques Archambault

March 29

Dr. Mohammadali Khan Mirzaei

Wares Family Postdoctoral Award Seminar

Bacteria and bacteriophages interactions in intestinal dysbiosis

Mariia Taguer 

April 5 Dr. Nicolai Van Oers

Associate Professor, Department of Immunology, UT Southwestern

3 Decades Post-MIMM: From the Thymus to the Anterior Pituitary and Back Dr. Martin Richer

April 12

Dr. Judith Lacoste

Founding President and Scientific Director, MIA Cellavie Inc.

Science reproducibility and its challenges in microscopy

Dr. Irah King

April 26

Dr. Susan Kaech

Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Professor and Director, Nomis Foundation laboratories for Immunology and microbial Pathogenesis

Dissecting immune cells in tumors

Dr. Martin Richer

May 10 Dr. Eric Jan

Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
Michael Smith Scholar
CIHR New Investigator

From insects to humans: Viral strategies to commandeer host cell functions

Dr. Selena Sagan

May 17 Dr. Jesse Shapiro

Canada Research Chair in Microbial Evolutionary Genomics
Assistant Professor of Biology
Université de Montréal

Origins of pandemic cholera from environmental gene pools, and its fate within patients.

Dr. Corinne Maurice

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