Winter 2019 QLS


The Centre for Applied Mathematics in Bioscience and Medicine (CAMBAM), Quantitative Life Sciences PhD program (QLS), the Ludmer Center and the McGill Initiative in Computational Medicine (MiCM) are joining efforts to offer weekly interdisciplinary seminars. Seminars will be held in the Montreal Neurological InstitutedeGrandpre Communications Centre, from 12:00pm to 1:00pm.


Winter 2019 Speaker TOPIC
Jan. 8 Edward Bullmore
(Cambridge University)
"Slow connectome dynamics during adolescence and genetic risks for schizophrenia"" 
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Jan. 15 Sabrina Leslie
(McGill University)
"Deconstructing biology with simple single-molecule imaging: Controlling conformation, confinement, and concentration"
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Jan. 22 Pierre-Andre Menard
(Computer Research Institute of Montreal)

"Natural language processing in the medical field: CRIM’S projects and tools"
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Jan. 29 Matt van der Meer
"Oscillations as an organizing principle for understanding information processing in the rodent ventral striatum"
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Feb. 5 Mathieu Lavallee
(University of Ottawa)
"Getting more out of mass spectrometry-based proteomics using supervised learning approaches and on-the-fly data analysis"
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Feb. 12 Gil McVean
(Oxford University)

"Mapping the structure of genetic risk for common disease in the UK Biobank"
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Feb. 19 Nicolas Moitessier
(McGill University)

"Computational methods in drug discovery – can computers truly assist medicinal chemists?"

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Feb. 26 Sidhartha Goyal
(University of Toronto)
"How adaptive immunity constrains the composition and fate of large bacterial populations"
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Mar. 5 Anita Layton
(University of Waterloo)
"Cardiovascular benefits and potential side effects of SGLT2 inhibitors, a new class of anti-hyperglyceamic drugs"
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Mar. 12 Ma'n Zawati
(McGill University)
"Rise of the Planet of the Apps: Ethical and Legal Considerations of mhealth Apps in Medical Research"
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Mar. 19 Shawn Brown
(MCIN, McGill University)
"CBRAIN, a platform for accomplishing science on advanced research computing"
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Mar. 26 Bratislav Misic
(McGill University)
"The Connected Brain"
Apr. 2 Jean Francois Ethier
(University of Sherbrooke)
"PARS3, an infrastructure to support data access activities in context of learning health systems"
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Apr. 9 Bryan Grenfell
(Princeton University)
"Spatio-temporal dynamics of childhood infectious disease: predictability and the impact of vaccination"
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Apr.16 Adrianne Jenner
(University of Sydney)
"A Hybrid Mathematical Approach to Improve Chemotherapy Implant Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer" Read more
Apr. 23 Nigam Shah
(Stanford University)
"Good machine learning for better healthcare"
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Apr. 30 Anmar Khadra
(McGill University)
"Understanding cellular polarity and adhesion dynamics involved in cell motility using spatiotemporal models"
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