Speaker Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal

McGill's Seminar Series in Quantitative Life Sciences and Medicine
Sponsored by CAMBAM, QLS, MiCM and the Ludmer Centre

Title: Machine-learning-assisted microscopy : from smart scanning approaches to the generation of synthetic super-resolution images.
Speaker: Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal, (Laval University)
When: Tuesday, October 1, 12-1pm 
Where: McIntyre Medical Building, room 1034

Abstract: Super-resolution microscopy (or optical nanoscopy) techniques allow characterizing molecular interactions inside living cells with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution. These techniques come with several layers of complex­ity in their implementation. My research team focuses on transdisciplinary approaches at the interface of molecular neurosciences, multimodal optical nanoscopy, and machine learning to study structure/function relationship of synapses in the brain. We develop machine learning and deep learning tools to increase the adaptability and accessibility of high-end imaging methods (e.g. optical nanoscopy) to complex experimental paradigms. Recently, we implemented a machine learning assisted optimization framework for optical nanoscopy allowing real-time optimization of multi-modal live-cell imaging of synaptic activity and structure proteins. We also implemented diverse deep learning approaches for high throughput microscopy image analysis, allowing us to characterize activity-dependent remodelling of neuronal proteins. We develop weakly supervised deep learning strategies to reduce the burden of extensive labelling of complex images and evaluate how they can be applied to real-time microscopy image analysis. We aim at developing new AI-assisted microscopy techniques that will adapt in real-time to the sample, predict changes in the structures and modify the experimental protocol depending on the measured response to a stimuli

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