Speaker Erik Cook

McGill's Seminar Series in Quantitative Life Sciences and Medicine
Sponsored by CAMBAM, QLS, MiCM and the Ludmer Centre

Title: Predicting visually-guided behavior from fluctuations and correlations in neural activity
Speaker: Erik Cook, (McGill University)
When: Tuesday, September 24, 12-1pm 
Where: McIntyre Medical Building, room 1034

Erik cookAbstract: How does neural activity in the visual cortex translate into conscious visual perceptions? Decades of electrophysiological studies have shown that small fluctuations in the neural representation of a visual stimulus are correlated with performance in visually-guideded tasks. The causal link between these fluctuations and behavior, however, has been difficult to pin down. Using multiple visual stimuli, electrophysiological recordings and simple computational models, we demonstrate how fast neural fluctuations and their correlations can be linked to behavior using simple causal models. These models shed light on the way downstream brain areas convert sensory information into perceptual decisions.

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