Speaker Brian Leung

McGill's Seminar Series in Quantitative Life Sciences and Medicine
Sponsored by CAMBAM, QLS, MiCM and the Ludmer Centre

Title: Predictive socio-ecological models for invasive species and sustainability
Speaker: Brian Leung (McGill University)
When: Tuesday, September 10, 12-1pm 
Where: McIntyre Medical Building, room 1034


Abstract: Human modifications of the world's ecosystems are expanding in tandem with increasing industrialization, human population, and per capita consumption. These changes can have dramatic consequences not only for the natural environment, but also for the systems that sustain our populations. Mathematical models may provide the only way to estimate how these changes may unfold in the future, and what inferences we can draw from current day observations – information that centrally important to develop scientific advice for policy. I will discuss predictive socio-ecological modeling, providing illustrative examples from my research at national, continental and global scales.

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