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DATE (2014)




 TU July 2, 2013

June 30

Progress Reports DUE for all ISS Graduate students


TU August 26

Process Control Workshop

 Registration Required - 10am-6pm

FR August 29

Undergraduate Posters DUE

 ISS Office, before 5:00pm for printing by ISS

 FR August 29

Registration Confirmations (all returning students)

& Internet Forms for non-McGillians

 FINAL DEADLINE ISS Office, before 5:00pm

TH Sept 4

Orientation for all new Graduate Students

 3:00pm - Rm. 603 McConnell Engineering Bldg

 Career Development

Basic Business Skills for Non-Business Graduate Students
-several sessions plus case studies, Registration open

 Sept - Dec (Various)

Bronfman Building RM: various (Map)

6:30-8:30 PM

 TH Sept 4

Undergraduate Poster Session & Welcome Event

(all ISS students and supervisors-new and old)

 5:00pm-7:30pm- Rm. 603 McConnell Engineering Bldg.

TU Sept 9


 Register now for full schedule at SKILLSETS

Wed Sept 17

Postponed - will be re-scheduled

Introduction to Sensors Seminar

by Prof. Peter Grutter

Chair of Physics, McGill University

 For all New Grad Students

 3:00pm-5:00pm; McConnell 603

Wed Sept 17

CREATE-ISS Travel Award Presentations

Come and hear about the 2014 students' internship & exchange experiences

 5:00pm-6:00pm; McConnell 603


New ISS 'Ethics' Option (with or instead of Academic Integrity):

HUMAN BIOMEDICAL Research Ethics: Guiding You in the Right Direction


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 Wk-September 22-26 (TBF)

 ISS Seminar (Prof. Jean-Francois Pratte) & GSPC Meeting (End of Term Session)

3:00pm -5:00pm

5:00pm -6:30pm (seminar @ Sherbrooke U)


 Week - Oct 27-31(TBF)

 ISS Seminar (Prof. Rejean Fontaine) & GSPC Meeting (New Committee)

3:00pm -5:00pm (TBC)

5:00pm -6:30pm (Seminar @ Sherbrooke U)

Burnside Room 107 (IT-TBF) // Sherbrooke (TBC) videoconference: contact  Amrid Amnache


Learning to Teach Day

Teaching Competence



ISS Seminar: TBA

GSPC Meeting and Holiday Reception

3:00pm -4:30pm; Bronfman 310 // Online st Sherbrooke

GSPC 4:30- 5:15 Bronfman 310 // Online at Sherbrooke

5:30pm -7:30pm; McConnell 603 at McGill


 GSPC Meeting

 4:00pm McConnell 603 at McGill // Conference Call


 Leading Effective Discussions (one day workshops)

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FRI Dec 12

 Program plans DUE

All new GRAD students

FINAL DEADLINE ISS Office, before 5:00pm

For more information about SKILLSETS professional skills workshops and their registration and dates, please keep an eye on the SKILLSETS CALENDAR.

 TBA/TBF: to be announced/finalized




DATE (2014)



M Jan 6

Supervisor Proposals for 2014 Undergrad Research Projects DUE

Midnight: ISS Office // Email

TH Jan 23

ISS Seminar


Location TBA

Th Jan 30

Academic Integrity Day


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 Th Feb 13

BBS Skills Accounting (Zvi Singer)

 Bronfman 002

F Feb 21 (extended) 
Applications DUE for 2014 Undergraduate Student Research Projects 9:00am: ISS Office // Email
W Feb 19

ISS Seminar (Paul Charrette)

Seminar Title: Research on photonic biosensors at the Biophotonics and Optoelectronics Laboratory of Université de Sherbrooke


Location  - Burnside -107

Th Feb 20 *BBS Skills Economics (Mohammad Hajizadeh)

 Bronfman 179

Th Feb 20 GSPC Winter Networking Event & Photo Competition


Sherbrooke University

Mar 3-7 McGill Reading Week
Th Mar 13

*BBS Skills "Strategy" (Eytan Bensoussan)

Bronfman 002
Tu Mar 18

ISS Seminar (Jean-Pierre Cloarec -Maître de Conférences de l’École Centrale de Lyon, Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon, Chercheur invité au laboratoire de Biophotonique et d’Optoélectronique, Centre de Nanofabrication et Nanocaractérisation de l’Université de Sherbrooke)

Title: “Surface interactions for addressing nano-objects ensemble onto supports. A novel route for sensors implementation ?"


Location -Burnside 107

Th Mar 20 *BBS Skills Operations Management (Derek Wang)

 Bronfman 002

Th Mar 27 *BBS Skills Ethics (Roger Tambay)

 Bronfman 002

Fri Apr 11 *BBS Skills Organizational Behavior (Mallika Banerjee)

 Bronfman 002

Th Apr 24 *BBS Marketing Yourself (Didier Jean-Francois)


Th-F May 1-2 GSPC CREATE-ISS Sensors Summer School (May 1st: 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. and May 2nd (9:30 a.m. - 7:00 p.m). There will be a poster competition.  Additional information to come.

 2 day event

Ecole Polytechnique

May 5 - Aug 26 Summer ISS Workshops begin - last workshop - August 26.  For more information about the 2014 workshops click here.

Intensive workshops are 1- 5 days long.  Full schedules will be published when available.

Registration required.

Extended: June 20th; originally  May 30

Applications DUE for 2014-2015 New Graduate Applicants and Awards

 Midnight: ISS Office // Email

M Jun 30
All Graduate students: ISS Progress Reports DUE

 Midnight: ISS Office // Email

Jul 1- Aug 22 Research break - No ISS Workshops or activities scheduled


* Tentative

For more information about SKILLSETS professional skills workshops and their registration and dates, please keep an eye on the SKILLSETS CALENDAR.

 TBA: to be announced


The ISS Training Program is funded in part by Funded in part by the National Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada and by the Participating Universities:  

  Training program activities hosted by McGill University     ISS hosted in concert with Universite de Sherbrooke          ISS hosted in concert with Ecole Polytechnique       ISS hosted in concert with INRS