Graduate Application DUE DATE- Integrated Sensor Systems Training Program


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We are pleased to announce an extension of the application period for the NSERC-CREATE Masters and PhD Training Programs in Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS).  Applications for Fall 2013 AND Winter 2014 training, awards and award extensions must be submitted in full by May 26th, 2013

Application forms and complete information can be found on the ISS website (

The Program

ISS is an inter-university training program designed to help motivated graduate students in the area of Integrated Sensor Systems prepare for successful careers in related industries. These can include sensors for biomedical and healthcare applications, aerospace, automotive, agriculture and the environment.

The ISS Training Program includes hands-on workshops, seminars, training in business and management skills, industry internships and international exchanges. We also provide all students in the program with Travel Awards of up to $5,000 to facilitate the exchanges and internships.  Those who qualify may also be offered student funding awards.

Most activities are held at the downtown McGill campus, but some workshops and event rotate to the other universities, and we now offer online options for weekly

ISS Masters Awards and PhD Fellowship Awards

New Masters and PhD students may apply for up to 2 years of funding of $8,650 and $10,500 respectively with 50% supervisor matching (i.e. $17,000 or $21,000 per year).  Students with other awards may also receive top-up awards according to our External Awards policy.

Current ISS Students without an award may apply for up to 1 year of funding.  Likewise, PhD students who have completed 2 years in the program may apply for one additional year of funding.

Note: All funding is conditional on continued participation in ISS training activities and workshops and on satisfactory standing in the student’s program. 

ISS Students

Students may come from any department or faculty at McGill, INRS, Université de Sherbrooke or Ecole Polytechnique.  Projects must include a strong interdisciplinary and inter-laboratory approach.

Our students have a wide range of backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, mechanical, electrical and biomedical engineering, but are all working on sensors systems research. The Integrated Sensor Systems Training Program focuses on the design, fabrication or testing of sensor devices, the development of materials that are required for sensors, the processing of signals obtained from sensors, sensor integration and packaging. Special emphasis is placed on the research involving minimization, packaging and the use of micro and nano technologies for sensing.

This program is a training program which is intended to assist students who are undertaking Masters or PhD research in integrated sensor systems. We do not supervise research (since that is done by your existing supervisor) but rather provide hands-on training in a range of different topics that support integrated sensor system research and professional development.


We invite supervisors who are working in areas related to integrated sensor systems to join the ISS Network to have their names listed on the ISS website along with links to their personal research to attract interested students.  We also like to encourage them to share their research and knowledge with the group at our monthly Seminar series and to get involved with our developing industry and academic network.

For more details please visit the ISS Website or apply now at

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