Training Activities

The ISS Training program organized several one, two and four days workshops to the students, to introduce and explore the intricacies of sensor technology and research. In addition to the workshops, the ISS program organized a bimonthly sensors seminar series, to provide students exposure to a wide variety of sensor related topics. Speakers included academic, government and industry researchers and managers.

The ISS program also partnered with the McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral studies and Teaching and Learning Services "SKILLSETS" professional development for graduate students program, to provide undergraduates and non-McGill graduate students in the ISS program access to several pre existing short courses and workshops normally reserved for McGill graduate students. This included a 10 week short course in basic business skills, several workshops in communication skills, including teaching, teamwork facilitation skills and communication of research with non-experts, as well as an academic ethics workshop.


Feedback from the students:

The ISS Training program has received positive feedback from the students as it provides unique opportunities for learning, collaboration and networking.

•I benefit the most through the intensive hands-on workshop since it gives me the opportunity to gain some experience in areas I am not familiar with.

•I find professional development workshops (such as Project Management) are of the top importance for myself. My involvement in the organization of Summer School has given me experience in organizing large-scale events, communicating with sponsors, preparing the materials and advertising.

•I have learned a lot from exchanging ideas with other students and profs through seminars and workshops.