The NSERC-CREATE Training Program in Integrated Sensor Systems

An integrated surface plasmon resonance sensor An integrated surface plasmon resonance sensor

Welcome to the Integrated Sensor System Training Program Website.

Sensing is inherently a multidisciplinary field, and those who seek to advance and exploit knowledge in this area have a wide range of backgrounds, including physics, chemistry, mechanical and electrical engineering, biomedical engineering and medicine. Although often well-trained in their own domain of expertise they are not always ready to transfer their skills to industry.

Most students have little exposure to other related research domains and do not appreciate that sensors are complex systems, requiring biorecognition or chemical recognition elements, sample delivery components (e.g. microfluidics), transducing elements, signal amplification, signal processing and packaging, and that a multidisciplinary approach is essential. Sensor systems must address specific markets and are subject to regulatory control. Students often also lack knowledge in the key techniques of micro or nano-fabrication, characterization, materials analysis and packaging which will allow them to rapidly fabricate and test sensor systems.

The NSERC CREATE Training Program in Integrated Sensor Systems has been specially designed to meet this need, and to provide exposure to a wide range of key techniques and applications. This program has been constructed after in-depth discussions with future employers, in order to ensure that it meets their needs for highly qualified personnel.

This CREATE program includes an interdisciplinary research program in integrated sensors, internships in partner companies, international exchanges with leading laboratories worldwide, a series of hands-on workshops in laboratory skills, an annual Sensors Summer School and a set of short-courses that will provide the trainees with professional skills that are valued and requested by industry, including communication skills, intellectual property protection and management, project management and ethics.

As well, the CREATE program can provide qualified students with financial awards to for students undertaking the program. These can cover travel and living expenses necessary to take full advantage of this multi-disciplinary, multi-university program.


The NSERC –CREATE Training Program in Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS) is a program designed to combine research, hands on training, seminars, professional development in the area of Integrated Sensor System related research. It also aims to promote research collaboration through exchanges and internships for graduate students, networking opportunities and through a strong interdisciplinary and/or inter-laboratory approach.

The Integrated Sensor Systems Training Program focuses on the design, fabrication or testing of sensor devices, the development of materials that are required for sensors, the processing of signals obtained from sensors, sensor integration and packaging. Special emphasis is placed on the research involving minimization, packaging and the use of micro and nano technologies for sensing.

This program is a training program which is intended to assist students who are undertaking Masters or PhD research in integrated sensor systems. We do not supervise your research (since that is done by your existing supervisor) but rather provide hands-on training in a range of different topics that support integrated sensor system research.

Students can participate in the ISS program in several different ways including via funded research projects, travel funding or simply as participants in workshops, courses and events.

All funding provided by the ISS program requires an element of co-funding by supervisors and participation in required program courses and events, and the ISS Summer School. See the Terms of Acceptance and Funding and the Program Guide under Apply Now for additional details.