Sabah Hussain

Sabah Hussain
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514-934-1934 Ext 76222
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sabah.hussain [at]

The Hussain research laboratory focuses on the understanding of molecular mechanisms that regulate skeletal muscle mass and function in health and disease. Key projects are related to the regulation and functional contribution of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species to the development of ventilatory and limb muscle fiber atrophy and contractile dysfunction in intensive care patients and those with chronic respiratory diseases such as emphysema. The main theme of the lab is to understand the fundamental mechanisms that regulate autophagosome formation and recycling of the mitochondria by autophagosomes (mitophagy) and to identify the contribution of impaired mitophagy to skeletal muscle metabolic and contractile dysfunctions in severe sepsis. Recent areas of research interest include the evaluation of new genetic and pharmacological approaches aimed at enhancing mitochondrial quality and quantity and improving mitophagy in diseased skeletal muscles.

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