Moshe Ben-Shoshan

Moshe Ben-Shoshan
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I study the prevalence and potential determinants of food allergies and anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) in children. In addition, I have established a registry aiming to assess triggers and management of different forms of chronic urticaria, or hives. I also conduct research on primary immunodeficiencies, exploring the ability of children’s immune systems to fight infectious disease.

In collaboration with Dr. Ann Clarke at the Montreal General Hospital of the MUHC, I conducted the first nationwide Canadian study to determine the prevalence of severe food allergies. The results indicate disparities between perceived and confirmed food allergy that might contribute to the wide range of published prevalence estimates. In recent years I have led the first Canada-wide anaphylaxis registry exploring the societal burden, triggers, management and natural history of anaphyaxis in Canadians.

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