Jianguo (Jeff) Xia

Jianguo (Jeff) Xia
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jeff.xia [at] mcgill.ca

Dr. Jianguo (Jeff) Xia is an Assistant Professor at McGill University. Dr. Xia is a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Bioinformatics and Big Data Analytics. He is an internationally recognized bioinformatics expert and the overarching focus of his research program explores theoretical and practical ways to address the critical challenges in big data analytics arising from the current ‘omics revolutions across biomedical, agricultural and environmental research fields, with the aim of developing highly innovative and powerful computational solution and platforms. He is currently investigating how to leverage multi-omics datasets from metabolomics, transcriptomics, microbiomics to achieve systems level understanding. Since 2007, Dr. Xia has published 61 refereed journal papers and 7 book chapters, with over 12,000 citations. Dr. Xia is the McGill 2019 Principal’s Prize for Outstanding Emerging Researchers. His research has been funded by NSERC, FRQNT, Genome Canada, CFI and NIH.

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