Heidi McBride

Heidi McBride
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heidi.mcbride [at] mcgill.ca

The McBride research laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms and function of mitochondrial dynamics, with key projects focused on mitochondrial fusion, fission and the formation of mitochondrial derived vesicles. The overarching theme of the lab is to understand the fundamental behavior of the mitochondria, and to identify the molecular mechanisms of communication required to mediate cellular transitions, including metabolic, cell cycle, immune pathways and cell death transitions. Recent areas of research interest include mechanisms of mitochondrial contributions to neurodegeneration; the generation of inter-organellar contacts that facilitate metabolic flux; and the role of the mitochondria as a unique signaling platform in the cell. There is a strong focus on understanding the contribution of mitochondrial-derived vesicles in cell physiology, from peroxisomal disorders to Parkinson’s disease.

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