4th Annual MI4 Scientific Symposium 2022

On Nov. 18, the MI4 community gathered for the 4th Annual Scientific Symposium, to highlight Interdisciplinary approaches to pandemic preparedness, at the McGill Faculty Club, with a keynote lecture by Ms. Carole Jabet, Scientific Director of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé and a live interview with Dr. Joanne Liu, Director of the Pandemic and Health Emergency Readiness Lab and Professor at the School of Population and Global Health (McGill University), conducted by André Picard, Health Columnist at the Globe and Mail.

Other highlights included our local McGill experts, Dr. Sapha BarkatiProf. Chen Liang and Prof. Dominic Frigon, who shared their expertise to a crowd of industry delegates, McGill University and McGill University Health Centre representatives, academics and trainees.

Finally, on the afternoon of Nov. 18, André Picard joined us for a special masterclass on pandemic news coverage. This event was a unique opportunity for McGill students, researchers, medical professionals, leaders and communicators, to gather in one room and discuss challenges related to scientific communication.




Carole Jabet (Fond de Recherche du Québec - Santé)

Dr. Joanne Liu (McGill University)

Dr. Chen Liang (McGill University)

Dr. Sapha Barkati (McGill University Health Centre Research Institute)

Prof. Dominic Frigon (McGill University)



André Picard (The Globe and Mail)



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