Special Notices: COVID-19 MI4 Updates

CRP timeline Sept 12

MI4 has contributed to the funding of the Clinical Research Platform, where research efforts were underway early and our investigators are now part of several Clinical Trials. Platform director for the McGill University Health Centre site is Dr. Marina Klein and Dr. Christina Greenaway directs the Jewish General Hospital site.

CL3 Timeline Sept 14

MI4 contributed to the funding of a Containment Laboratory Level 3 platform where handling of SARS-COV-2 virus can be performed in a safe manner. The MUHC CL3 site Director is Dr. Marcel Behr and the Bellini site is directed by Dr. Silvia Vidal.

Please find below updates and information from the MI4 community regarding COVID-19:

In addition please find the most recent information from McGill University and other sources here:


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