Community Partners

Erin Aleck, Regional Program Coordinator, Nlaka'pamux Nation

Erin Aleck is the family wellness coordinator for the Nlaka’pamux mental health team. Erin served as the main facilitator and researcher for the Zu? Zu? Twu?ix , the Nlaka’pamux version of LTOA. The 14 session program now has key Nlaka’pamux words, local histories, and traditions. The whole process of cultural adaptation, program delivery and implementation has been truly empowering for the participants, facilitators, and Elders involved. Zu? Zu? Twu?ix is an amazing tool to hold the space needed to nurture healing and allow families to develop efficient listening skills.

Ina Dunstan, Elder, Nlaka'pamux Nation

Ina Dunstan is a respected Elder from Siska Indian band. She spent much of her life traveling and working as a licensed practical nurse. In 1997, she returned to Siska to settle, where she enjoys reconnecting and taking part in cultural activities. Ina helped run Zu?Zu?Twu?ix and was the go-to elder for cultural adaptation and language translation. The process gave her a reason to improve her language skills, examine and trust her feelings and empowerment. One thing that filled her heart was the transformation of how everyone talked with each other and strived to listen in order to become better, stronger people.

Garry Munro, Executive Director, Cree Nation Tribal Health

Garry's role is to work on bridging the gap for services between the First Nations and external organizations. As the Executive Director for Cree Nation Tribal Health, he has approximately 49 staff that provide advisory services to the 8 SCTC communities. Garry became involved with the LTOA project through partners at the University of Manitoba. He found that this was an opportunity to bring back unity with families in his First Nation and to allow opportunity for the youth to learn from the Elders through the sharing of stories from the past. 

Jonathan Weenusk, Regional Coordinator, Cree Nation Tribal Health

Jonathan Weenusk (Groundhog) is the Cree Nation Tribal Health Center University Community Liaison, who also supports the LTOA Program as its Regional Coordinator. Jonathan assists in the delivery of the program by organizing program training, sessions, and schedules. He also plays an integral role in reporting on the LTOA Program on completing post-delivery activities

Margaret Ballantyne, Program Facilitator, Nikawiy Health Authority

Margaret Ballantyne, from Pukatawagan, Manitoba, has a Bachelor of Social Work and works as Methoyawin/NNADAP Manager at Nikawiy Health Authority. Margaret is 60 years old, with 3 adult children, 6 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. Margaret has completed 4 Family Programs and 1 School program. The picture (left) of Margaret and Dr. Kirmayer was a taken at the 2018 TESE Gathering where Margaret received a certificate acknowledging her work with the Listening to One Another Family Program from 2014-2018. 

Keah Gloade, Resolution Health Support Advisor

Keah Gloade is the Resolution Health Support Worker for the Confederacy of Mainland Mi`kmaq In Nova Scotia working with Indian Residential School Survivors and their descendants. She is in the process of adapting the LTOA program to Mi`kmaq culture and is looking forward to implementing it in communities on Mainland Nova Scotia in the near future.

Katie MacEachern, Mental Wellness Manager

Katie MacEachern is the Mental Wellness manager for the Confederacy of Mainland Mi`kmaq in Nova Scotia working with First Nations people living both in and out of community on Mainland Nova Scotia. She is in the process of adapting the LTOA program to Mi`kmaq culture and is looking forward to implementing it in communities on Mainland Nova Scotia in the near future.


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