Modernization of Atmospheric Physics in Canadian NWP

Monday, November 25, 2019 13:30to16:30
Room 934

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Departmental Seminar Series


Modernization of Atmospheric Physics in Canadian NWP

talk by

Ron McTaggart-Cowan, Paul Vaillancourt and Ayrton Zadra

Environment and Climate Change Canada, Government of Canada

A major project to improve the representation of physical processes in all Canadian numerical weather prediction (NWP) systems has resulted to in a significant summer-2019 upgrade to the global and regional models run at the Canadian Meteorological Centre. The majority of physical parameterization schemes were either replaced or heavily modified over the course of this project. The updated systems display improvements in the global energy budget, the general circulation, and the frequency of tropical cyclogenesis. The quality of guidance generated by the model at all lead times has improved as a result. In this set of discussions, we will describe the goals of the project, the methods developed to achieve our objectives, and the changes to the representation of atmospheric physics that have the most significant impact on the model's behaviour.

Session 1 (1:30-2:00 PM): Project Summary and Overview of Global Performance (Ron McTaggart-Cowan)

Session 2 (2:00- 2:30 PM): Description of Model Climate and Changes to the Radiation and Convection Schemes (P. Vaillancourt)

Break (2:30-2:45 PM)

Session 3 (2:45-3:15 PM): Description of Changes to the Blocking, Gravity Wave Drag, Boundary Layer and Surface Layer Schemes (A. Zadra)

Session 4 (3:15 - 3.45 PM): Introduction of New Elements in Convective Parameterization (R. McTaggart-Cowan)

Discussion (3:45- 4:00 PM)

Monday Nov 25/ Starting at 1:30 PM/ Burnside Hall/ Room 934

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