The term "weather systems" broadly encompasses the processes that regulate atmospheric conditions on time scales of seconds to weeks and spatial scales ranging from the microscale (~ 0.1 to 1 km)...

Prof. Timothy Merlis

Atmospheric and Climate Dynamics Office: Burnside Hall 815 Tel.: (514) 398-3140 Fax.: (514) 398-6115timothy.merlis [at] (E-Mail)Website

Prof. Peter Bartello

Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Office: Burnside Hall 910 Tel.: (514) 398-8075 Fax.: (514) 398-6115bartello [at] (E-mail)

Prof. M.K. (Peter) Yau

Cloud Physics and Dynamics Offices: Burnside Hall 944 | 818 Tel.: (514) 398-3719 Fax.: (514) 398-6115peter.yau [at] (E-mail)

Prof. Pavlos Kollias

Radar Applications for Weather and Climate Research Adjunct ProfessorWebsitepavlos.kollias [at] (E-mail)

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