McGill Journal of Middle East Studies

The McGill Journal of Middle East Studies is published by the (undergraduate) Middle East Studies Students' Association (MESSA) each year. It is intended to demonstrate the dynamic variety and depth of scholarship present within the McGill student community. Staff and contributors come from both graduate and undergraduate programmes in Middle East Studies, Islamic Studies, Political Science, Economics, Anthropology, History, Jewish Studies, and other disciplines. In each issue, we attempt to showcase multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to matters pertinent to the region.

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Volume IX (2007-2008)

MJMES Volume VIII: Cover [.pdf]

MJMES Volume IX - Front [.pdf]

MJMES Volume IX - Part 1 [.pdf]

  • Democratic Islam? Assessing the Bases of Democracy in Islamic Political Thought, by Omar Ashour

MJMES Volume IX - Part 2 [.pdf]

  • Women’s Political Participation in Algeria and Morocco: A Comparison, by Natalie Britton

MJMES Volume IX - Part 2 (notes) [.pdf]

MJMES Volume IX - Part 3 [.pdf]

  • Modes of Self-Representation among Female Arab Singers and Dancers, by Natalie Smolenski

MJMES Volume IX - Part 4 [.pdf]

  • Halab to Sana'a in Black and White (photos), by Marcus Benigno

MJMES Volume IX - Part 4-1 [.pdf]

MJMES Volume IX - Part 4-2 [.pdf]

MJMES Volume IX - Part 4-3 [.pdf]

Volume VIII (2005-2006)

MJMES Volume VIII - Part 1. [.pdf]

  • Marcel Abou-Assaly, The Survival of Nasrid Granada during the Reconquest

MJMES Volume VIII - Part 2. [.pdf]

  • Jonathan Sozek, Osama bin Laden’s Global Islamism and Wahhabi Islam.

MJMES Volume VIII - Part 3. [.pdf]

  • Leila Farah, Urban Links: Gaza City and the Mediterranean.

MJMES Volume VIII - Part 4. [.pdf]

  • Daniel Goldsmith, Confronting Threats Before They Materialize: The United States and the Overthrow of the Iranian Government
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