Procedure for Activating Course Evaluations

This page contains instructions for Liaisons on activating course evaluations for the Summer 2019 term.

1. Getting Started
2. Activating Course Evaluation
3. Verification Checklist
4. Help
1. Getting Started

A. Ensure that information in Banner is accurate. 

Only selected courses with enrolments of five or more will be listed on your unit's MERCURY page.

The information contained on your department's MERCURY page is pulled from the information stored in Banner (SSASECT form).

Before setting up your course evaluations for this term, make sure all information on your unit's page is correct and up-to-date.

  • Is the instructor assigned to the course correct?

  • Is the course appearing as cross-listed?

    • Cross-listed courses will be listed together and indicated as cross-listed only if the name(s) of the instructor(s) assigned to each section in Banner are the same.

If any information is incorrect (e.g., instructors assigned to the course), it needs to be updated by your department in Banner (SSASECT form) before you can proceed.

B. Add Teaching Assistants in Banner.

All Teaching Assistants who should be evaluated must be entered in Banner prior to activating course evaluations. You no longer need to select option "E" for Teaching Assistants to be included. 

Click HERE for instructions to add Teaching Assistants in Banner

  1. Log in to Banner and go to the SSASECT form.

  2. In the SSASECT form, enter the term (e.g., 201801) and the course CRN and click Next Block.

  3. Click on the Course Assistants tab.
    Adding TAs in Banner

  4. In the Course Assistants tab, enter the McGill IDs of the Course Assistants, select TA under "Course Asst Type."
    Adding TAs in Banner

  5. Add other TAs if necessary.

  6. Save your changes.


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2. Activating Course Evaluations

Information to come!

3. Verification Checklist

Information to come!

4. Help

Contact the Mercury System Administrator at [at]

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