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Mentor Testimonials

"I was so pleased to be able to participate as a mentor in the Mentoring Across McGill program last year. I will be participating again this year. The mentoring program allowed me to get to know my mentee, connect with her on many levels, and to watch as she progressed through her studies and extra-curricular activities. I strongly encourage members of the McGill community to get involved as mentors through this important program."

-Dr. Suzanne Fortier, Principal

"I’m really enjoying my experience as a mentor. We have some exceptional students at McGill."

-Stephanie Isaacs, Senior Director Office of the Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance

“It’s someone who has your back, as the phrase goes.”

-David Harpp, Macdonald Professor of Chemistry, Tomlinson Chair of Science Education

"It is very pleasant to communicate with peers and support them when they need it. In addition, this program provides us precious opportunities to know this school better and love it deeper."

-Li Li, M.Sc. Candidate, Department of Surgery, Division of Experimental Surgery, Faculty of Medicine

Mentee Testimonials

"Mentoring Across McGill is a great program that connected me to great mentors throughout my undergraduate years at McGill, including Principle Fortier. The mentorship program is a rare opportunity to discuss more than just academic matters with a mentor and receive valuable advice along the way."

-Joseph Yang, B.Sc. Environment

In the News

Photo by Richmond Lam
The Mentoring Across McGill program, then known as the Staff-Student Mentoring program, was featured in the 2011-2012 Principal's Report (page 13), as represented by Prof. David Harpp, Program visionary, and one of his mentees, Jingjun Yu.

Other features and articles on our Mentoring program include:

The McGill Reporter, Thursday, April 7, 2011

The McGill Tribune, Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Senators' Corner, The Official Website of McGill's 13 Undergraduate Student Senators, February 2, 2011

The McGill Daily, February 3, 2011



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