First Meeting Checklist

To help you get your mentoring relationship off to a good start, consider these first steps.  

 Determine Meeting Specifics

  • Decide on an approximate meeting frequency (e.g. 2 times/semester)
  • Decide on a typical meeting length (e.g. 1 hour)
  • Decide on potential meeting locations

 First Meeting Essentials

Conversation Starters

It will be easier to initiate conversation if you have a starting point. Consider these conversation starters:

  • The first-year experience so far and adjusting to McGill
  • Common interests and hobbies
  • Shared academic interests
  • Academic fields of interest beyond one’s central focus
  • Career exploration and goals
  • Personal skill development and related goals
  • A typical day at school/work
  • Personal accomplishments
  • School/work-life balance
  • Montreal life
  • Travel