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Claire Webster with her mother

In May 2020, to help support informal care partners during the COVID-19 crisis, the McGill Dementia Education Program launched a weekly webcast series, McGill Cares. During these candid, 30-minute interviews with leading experts, Claire Webster explores topics related to caring for a loved one with dementia. 

Below are descriptions and YouTube links to all the past McGill Cares episodes. 

All McGill Cares webcasts are also available as audio podcasts. This convenient format allows our audience to easily access and listen to the podcasts anywhere and anytime. They are available on SpotifyGoogle Podcasts, and PocketCasts, among others.

Air Date No. Episode Title Guest(s) YouTube Link
5/13/20 1 A Caregiver’s Journey: Learning from Love and Loss Isabelle Poirier
5/20/20 2 Understanding Dementia Serge Gauthier, MD
5/27/20 3 Support and Safety During the COVID-19 Crisis José Morais, MD
6/3/20 4 Coping with Grief Corrie Sirrota, MSW
6/10/20 5 How the Pandemic is Changing the Way We Teach Students and Provide Care David Eidelman, MD
6/17/20 6 Responding to Challenging Behaviour Donald Doell, MD
7/8/20 7 Supporting Daily Activities in Dementia Care Isabelle Gélinas, PhD
7/15/20 8 Navigating Stress and Loss when Caring for a Loved One with Dementia Tamara Sussman, PhD
7/22/20 9 Nurses Advocating as End-of-Life Caregivers Louise Murray, RN
Catherine-Anne Miller, RN
7/27/20 10 An Intimate Conversation with Marguerite Blais, Minister for Seniors and Informal Caregivers Minister Marguerite Blais
7/29/20 11 Much Too Young – The Impact of Early Onset Dementia Chris Wynn
8/5/20 12 Supporting Healthy Communities through Innovative Educational Technology Gerald Fried, MD
8/12/20 13 Strategies for Coping with Challenging Behaviour Wendy Chiu, MD
8/19/20 14 The Realities of Caregiving within the LGBTQ+ Communities Shari Brotman
Julien Rougerie
Chloé Viau
8/19/20 15 Transitioning a Loved One to a Residence Matt Del Vecchio, CPCA
José Morais, MD
9/2/20 16 Improving the Quality of Life and Care of Persons Living with Dementia and their Caregivers Howard Bergman, MD
9/2/20 Special The Gift of Song - La musique en cadeau
Free virtual jazz concert
Liliane Murdoch
Zack Fischer
Theo Abellard
9/9/20 17 Encouraging Leisure Activities for Persons Living with Dementia Nicole Drinkwater
Emma Vadot
Madde Macdougall
Chrissy MacDonald
9/16/20 18 Cancer Survivor Provides Support to Others Gwen Nacos
9/23/20 19 Planning for the Future and Protecting a Loved One’s Finances Mtre. Rhonda Rudick
Mtre. Janet Michelin
9/30/20 20 The Correlation between Cardiovascular Disease, Stress and Dementia Nadia Giannetti, MD
10/7/20 21 Former Caregivers become Advocates for Alzheimer’s Research Dorothy Reitman
André Charron
10/14/20 22 Accessing Resources from the Quebec Health and Social Services Network Zelda Freitas, MSW
10/21/20 23 The Relationship between Concussions and Neurocognitive Disorders Alain Ptito, MD
10/28/20 24 Navigating the Journey of Parkinson’s Disease Ronald Postuma, MD
11/4/20 25 Healthy Aging to Stay Strong and Prevent Dementia José Morais, MD
11/11/20 26 Resilience: Finding Courage in the Face of Hardship Susan Wener
11/18/20 27 The Latest Research on Alzheimer's Disease Serge Gauthier, MD
11/25/20 28 Dementia Care Around the World Paola Barbarino
12/2/20 29 Caregiving and the Risk of Older Adult Mistreatment Mélanie Couture, PhD
12/16/20 30 Living with and Supporting a Loved One with ALS Angela Genge, MD
Leigh Stephens, MSW
1/13/21 31 Understanding and Caring for a Person with Depression Gustavo Turecki, MD
1/20/21 32 Recognizing when Coping Mechanisms become Addictions David Luckow, MD
1/27/21 33 Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders Julie Scorah, PhD
2/10/21 34 Language and Communication with Persons Living with Dementia Noémie Auclair-Oullet, PhD
2/17/21 35 Celebrating a Lifetime of Heart Resilience Jacqueline Joza, MD
2/24/21 36 The World Health Organization’s Dementia Strategy Stéfanie Freel
3/10/21 37 Activities to Engage Persons with Advanced Dementia Joyce Simard, MSW
3/17/21 38 What to Expect from your Telemedicine Appointment Maiya Geddes, MD
3/24/21 39 A Journey Through the Diagnosis of Dementia Serge Gauthier, MD
3/24/21 39 F Un parcours à travers le diagnostic de la démence Serge Gauthier, MD
4/7/21 40 Frontotemporal Dementia and Managing Challenging Behaviour Simon Ducharme, MD
4/21/21 41 The Care of the Older Person – An Invaluable Resource for Care Providers Ronald Caplan, MD
Abraham Fuks, MD
Serge Gauthier, MD
José Morais, MD
5/12/21 42 A Prescription of Care following a Diagnosis of Dementia Claire Webster, CPCA
José Morais, MD
5/12/21 42 F Une prescription de soins après un diagnostic de démence Claire Webster
José Morais, MD
5/26/21 43 Living Well with Dementia Mary-Beth Wighton
Roger Marple
6/9/21 44 Nutrition and Healthy Aging Joe Schwarcz, PhD
6/23/21 45 The Importance of Sleep to Cognitive Health Thanh Dang-Vu, MD
7/7/21 46 Understanding Early Onset Dementia Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD
8/9/21 47 The Urgent Need to Improve the Lives of Canada’s Elders André Picard
9/22/21 48 McGill team delivers World Alzheimer Report 2021: Journey through the diagnosis of dementia Chris Lynch
Serge Gauthier, MD
José Morais, MD
Petro Rosa-Neto, MD
Claire Webster, CPCA
10/6/21 49 Understanding Responsive Behaviours in People with Dementia Don Doell, MD
10/20/21 50 Launch of a New Educational Guide for People Living with Dementia and their Care Partners
Dementia, Your Companion Guide
Elise Nesbitt
Serge Gauthier, MD
José Morais, MD
Claire Webster, CPCA
Isabelle Gélinas, PhD
11/3/21 51 Keeping your Brain Engaged with the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning Ana Milic
11/17/21 52 Lessons from the End-of-life Journey of one of Canada’s Palliative Care Trailblazers Elle Flanders
12/1/21 53 New Series of Exercise Videos Promotes Healthy Aging José Morais, MD
12/15/21 54 Anticipatory Grief in Dementia Corrie Sirota, MSW
12/22/21 55 Using Technology and Tools to Support Independent Living for Older Adults Ron Beleno
1/5/22 56 How the Alzheimer's Society of Montreal Supports People Living with Dementia and Care Partners Jeane Day
Marie Christine Le Bourdais
1/19/22 57 Pharmacological Management of Dementia Serge Gauthier, MD
1/19/22 57 F Prise en charge pharmacologique de la démence Serge Gauthier, MD
1/26/22 58 Navigating Long-Term Care Options Matt Del Vecchio, CPCA
2/2/22 59 End-of-Life Care in Dementia Catherine Ferrier, MD
2/16/22 60 Understanding the Impact of Atrial Fibrillation Jacqueline Joza, MD
3/2/22 61 Understanding Lewy Body Dementia Madeleine Sharp, MD
3/16/22 62 Rethinking Long-Term Care for Older Adults Moira Welsh
3/30/22 63 F Comprendre les comportements réactifs chez les personnes atteintes de démence Catherine Talbot-Hamon, MD
4/13/22 64 Insights from the Founder of Positive Approach to Care® Teepa Snow
4/20/22 65 A Natural History of Aging and Alzheimer's with Jay Ingram Jay Ingram
4/27/22 66 Optimizing Brain Health Throughout Life and After a Diagnosis of Dementia Lesley Fellows, MD
5/11/22 67 F Un entretien avec Chloé Sainte-Marie, célèbre proche aidant Chloé Ste-Marie
5/25/22 68 Having Conversations about Advance Care Planning Tamara Sussman, PhD
6/1/22 69 A Wife's Journey of Love, Devotion and Caregiving Challenges Linda Grossman
6/8/22 70 Managing Sexual Behaviour in Dementia Lucy Barylak, MSW
6/22/22 71 Language Difficulties in Normal Aging and Dementia Paolo Vitali, MD
6/22/22 71 F Difficultés de langage dans le vieillissement normal et la démence Paolo Vitali, MD
7/6/22 72 What Role Does Genetics Play in Dementia? Pedro Rosa-Neto, MD
Laura Robb, MSc
9/7/22 73 Staging in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease Serge Gauthier, MD

9/7/22 73 F Stades de la démence et de la maladie d’Alzheimer Serge Gauthier, MD

9/21/22 74 A Storied Path from Broadcaster to Chair of Alzheimer’s Disease International Dale Goldhawk

10/5/22 75 Lessons from a Double-Duty Caregiver Zelda Freitas, MSW

10/19/22 76 Understanding and Dealing with Family Conflict Joanne Besner, BSW, MBA, PPCC
11/2/22 77 Oral Health and Dementia Michael Wiseman, DDS
11/16/22 78 Mindfulness and Meditation to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Bassam Khoury, PhD
11/30/22 79 Life, Love, Strength: A Doctor’s Journey of Caring for his Wife Robert Francis, MDCM
12/14/22 80 Nutrition and Dementia  Guylaine Ferland, PhD
01/11/23 81 Canada's National Dementia Strategy Saskia Sivananthan, PhD


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