The Care of the Older Person

Society, as a whole is getting older. Thanks to the extraordinary advances in technology and medicine, humans are now living longer than ever before, and are shifting the demographic make-up on a worldwide scale.

As a result, more and more of us are living and engaging with an aging population in both our personal and professional lives, and there’s a heightened demand for concrete research and advice for how to effectively provide care for this growing demographic.

The Care of the Older Person brings together some of today’s most experienced researchers to provide concrete answers for care providers of all kinds—doctors, nurses, therapists, pharmacists—those who build, run, and staff the facilities and housing for all of the aging population, as well as spouses and children of the elderly.

Most importantly, this information is for seniors themselves, who want to feel empowered in their stage of life.

Crucial information for those who care, provide, create, and build for our rapidly growing—and cherished—senior population.

The contributors to The Care for the Older Person are literally an all-star team of researchers, doctors, and clinical professionals. Their research-based advice is informed by decades of experience working in the fields that they write about.

The team of editors includes:

  • Olivier Beauchet, MD, PhD
  • Ronald M. Caplan, MD
  • Serge Gauthier, MD
  • José A. Morais, MD
  • Howard Bergman, MD
  • Abraham Fuks, MD
  • Phil Gold, MD, PhD

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