Internal Scientific Grant Review

Internal Scientific Grant Review in the Faculty of Medicine - UReview

In order to improve the success rate for grant and scholarship applications by the Faculty of Medicine, a process of web-based internal review OF THE SCIENCE AND/OR GRANTSMANSHIP *has been established which will be coordinated through the office of the Associate Dean (Research), Dr. Sylvain Baillet and through the RI-MUHC, the MNI, LDI/JGH or Douglas Hospital Research Centre.

Only grant applications that have been through internal review will be considered for bridge funding or incentive funding if they are unsuccessful.

*This should not be confused with the administrative review handled by the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR), which focuses primarily on form and adherence to guidelines, and is completed just prior to approval for final submission or the addition of electronic signatures by OSR (or the relevant Research Institute)

For faculty submitting a grant and/or scholarship applications

  • log in and/or contact your scientific director for specific information as below - all submissions must be received 3 weeks prior to the granting agency deadline;
  • Follow the instructions on the site
Site Log in if available

Contact your Research Program Manager

Montreal Neurological Institute wayne.sossin [at] (Dr. Wayne Sossin)
LDI/JGH Contact the Scientific Director
Douglas Hospital Research Centre research.centre [at] (Douglas Hospital Research Centre)
McGill - all other sites 


For Reviewers

Email requests will be sent by the UReview system and you will be able to access the application prior to agreeing to review. Given the importance of this process, we strongly encourage you to accept the request unless you do not have the appropriate expertise or are in conflict of interest.  The system provides information concerning the evaluation criteria for the competition in question. Reviews need not provide detailed comments, but should focus on improving the grantsmanship. You may wish to meet with the applicant in person to convey your input. Please ensure that you respond to the request to review in a timely fashion, as the time available to secure reviewers and complete the process is very limited.

Note: The whole review process must be kept confidential.

Time line of the Scientific Review

  • 3-weeks prior to deadline of the agency: applicant submits his/her application for review, including suggested reviewers
  • Research offices solicit reviewers (can take up to a week to find available and willing reviewers)
  • Reviewer has one week to review the proposal and then meet with the applicant
  • Applicant has one week to make the recommended modifications to the application


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