Faculty Of Medicine Prizes

Maude Abbott 
The Maude Abbott prize was established in 2010 by the Faculty of Medicine in order to recognize outstanding female Faculty Members who excel in Education, Research or Administration with a focus at the early career stage.

This prize consists of $10,000. The laureate must be prepared to present her vision on research, education or administration.

Information regarding the nomination procedure is available here.

Haile T. Debas The Haile T. Debas prize was established in 2010. In order to promote equitable diversity at all levels in the Faculty of Medicine, this prize recognizes a Faculty member(s) of any gender or ethnicity who helps promote diversity; which could be by acting as role model(s), mentor(s), or by implementing new policies so as to increase underrepresented minorities in undergraduate or postgraduate training, faculty recruitment, retention and/or promotion.

This prize consists of $10,000. The laureate(s) must be prepared to present his/her/their work.

Information regarding the nomination procedure is available here.

The Rosemary Wedderburn Brown prize is aimed at full-time faculty members in the Schools of the Faculty of Medicine (Communication Sciences and Disorders, Nursing, Physical and Occupational Therapy) to recognize individuals with outstanding scholarly potential and demonstrated research excellence in the early stages of their career. The awardee will be pursuing an independent research program with a strong record of scholarly output, competitive funding, contributions to student training, and growing evidence of the impact of the investigator’s work on the research field, the profession, and on society. The awardee will be expected to make a short presentation to the Faculty at large as part of a Town Hall meeting.

This prize consists of $10,000.

School eligible for the award in:

2017 – Communication Sciences and Disorders
2018 – Nursing
2019 – Occupational Therapy
2020 – Physical Therapy

Information regarding the selection process is available here.



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