Richard B. Richardson

Adjunct Professor

Medical Physics Unit, McGill University

Other appointments:

Principal Scientist & Dosimetry Section Leader,

Radiological Protection Research & Instrumentation, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)


RPBI Branch
Chalk River, ON
K0J 1J0


613 584 3311 x44755


richard.richardson [at]



Certification & honors


Clinical research:

Improving treatments for leukemia at Ottawa Hospital by understanding radiation effects on mitochondria and stem cells.

Research focus:

Neutron quality factors, mitochondrial effects in cancer/aging, radiation-induced cataracts, radon biomarkers

Key publications:

S. El-Jaby, R.B. Richardson, Monte Carlo simulations of the secondary neutron ambient and effective dose equivalent rate from surface to suborbital altitudes and low Earth orbit, Life Sciences in Space Research 6, 1-9 (2015).

R.B. Richardson, D.S. Allan, Y. L., Greater organ involution in highly proliferative tissues associated with the early onset and acceleration of ageing in humans, Exp Gerontol. 55C, 80-91 (2014).

R.B. Richardson, Age-specific bone tumour incidence rates are governed by stem cell exhaustion influencing the supply and demand of progenitor cells, Mech Ageing Dev. 139C, 31-40 (2014).

C. Didychuk C, P.A. Burchart, S.M. Carlisle, R.B. Richardson, Retention and excretion of inhaled 3H and 14C radiolabeled methane in rats, Health Phys. 107, 18-35 (2014).

R.B. Richardson, p53 mutations associated with aging-related rise in cancer incidence rates, Cell Cycle 12, 2468-2478 (2013).

J.T. Dant, R.B. Richardson, H.L. Nie, Monte Carlo simulation of age-dependent radiation dose from alpha- and beta- emitting radionuclides to critical trabecular bone and bone marrow targets, Phys. Med. Biol. 58, 3301-3319 (2013).

N.D. Priest, R.B. Richardson, G.W.R. Edwards, Toxicity of irradiated advanced heavy water reactor fuels, Health Phys 104, 195-210 (2013).

R. Kramer, R.B. Richardson, V.F. Cassola, J.W. Vieira, H.J. Khoury, C.A.B. de O Lira, K.R. Brown, Electron absorbed fractions of energy andS-values in an adult human skeleton based on μCT images of trabecular bone, Phys. Med. Biol. 56, 1803-1836 (2011).

R.B. Richardson, Promotional etiology for common childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia: The infective lymphoid recovery hypothesis, Leuk. Res. 35, 1425-31 (2011).

R.B. Richardson, Stem cell niches and other factors that influence the sensitivity of bone marrow to radiation-induced bone cancer and leukaemia in children and adults, Int. J. Radiat. Biol. 87, 343-59 (2011).


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